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Tutor And Learn is a simple but yet powerful platform that allows you to create online courses in an easy way and invite students immediately.

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Latest added feature
Reporting & Statistics

Tutors are now able to see reporting and statistics around the courses they hold. They can now easily see how many visits chapters and content are having overall, today and yesterday. With that great insight tutors can see what works well and what does not to improve the learning content.

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There is a new powerful way to create new courses with templates. This is ideal to have recurring trainings, courses and classes without starting over again. More information can be found on the FAQ.

Private Chapters

Private Chapters have been added to the platform to provide a way for students to upload content that only can be seen by them and a tutor. Please review the FAQ to get to know how it works.

Reporting & Statistics

Reporting has been added for all tutors running a course. You can now see statistics across a course which will tell you how often a chapter or content has been visited overall, today and yesterday.


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Tutor And Learn offers a free and a paid tier. Features are the same with both tiers.

Course up to 25 students


  • Run Tutor And Learn for free with small courses
  • All features available
  • A course can run up to 90 days
  • Invite up to 25 students to a course
  • Students do not pay any fee
  • Tutor is paying no fee at all with up to 25 students in a course
  • Web-App with Chrome
  • Download the app for students on iOS or Android
Course over 25 students
€ 0.25 per student


  • If you expect to have more than 25 students using a course
  • All features available
  • A course can run up to 90 days
  • Invite up to 1000 students to a course
  • Students do not pay any fee.
  • Tutor is paying fee according to size of the course.
  • Web-App with Chrome
  • Download the app for students on iOS or Android

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Private Chapters are based on permissions. Content uploaded by a student can be in 4 different stages. Only the uploading student and tutors of a course can see and access this kind of content.

After the initial upload by a student the content is in "build" status. A tutor can already access the content and raise comments and questions but can not change the status of it. Also a tutor can not change the color or icon nor delete the content at any stage. The student can still change the color, icon, name or update the content itself. Once the student would like to open the content for review it should be changed to "review" status.

As long as the content is in "review" status the student can still change it back to "build" status or change color, icon, name, etc. A tutor can now change the content to "in-review" status.

Once the content is "in-review" status the student can not perform changes anymore but still see the content and access comments/questions on the content.

Once the tutor has reviewed the content it can be changed to "completed" status. The tutor has the option to upload a "review" document (PDF).
At this stage a tutor has also the option to change the status back to "build", "review" or "in-review".

Getting started with templates is as easy as creating a new course. Go into the templates section by the top button and press the + sign to create a new template. Templates do not have any start or end date. You assign them once you create a course from a template. Same applies for the number of students that can have access to a course.
In a template you can create chapters and upload content the way you would like to have your template. Like you would design any regular course.
In templates you can not add any comments/questions on content. You can create chapters which are "interactive" or "private" but can not upload any content to them as they are supposed to hold content from students.
Once your template is "ready" you can create straight away a new course from it.

Reporting & Statistics are available for tutors of a course and they can be easily accessed straight away with a new button on the courses overview in the Tutor section.
The reporting information is separated into 4 categories which are chapters, content, interactive and private.
Chapters list all chapters across a course sorted by most visits overall. Further information on each chapter contains current visits for today and yesterday to show trends.
Content lists all content across all chapters sorted by most visitors overall. Similar visits for today and yesterday are displayed as well to show trends. Content also hold information in which chapter the content is located.
Interactive shows all content that has been uploaded by students to an interactive chapter. It shows similar information as content but further contains who has uploaded the content.
Private lists all content that has been uploaded by a student to a private chapter. No numbers on visits are displayed here as this is not tracked by the system. It only shows what content has been uploaded by which student.
Interactive and private indicate a number in the menu to show the overall number of content uploaded.
Overall the system DOES NOT track individual students! It is not possible to track which student has visited what chapter or content as we respect the privacy of each student! Visits are tracked anonymously!

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